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  • aquaculture tank (3)
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  • aquaculture tank (5)
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Polygon PVC Fabric Raising Catfish Farming Tanks



The practice has proven that squid possesses a wide food range, strong adaptability, a rapid growth rate, and a short feeding period, making it an excellent choice as a commodity fish. However, feeding squid predominantly with carnivorous feed can lead to water quality deterioration. While it can endure in polluted water, severe cases can significantly hinder its growth, even causing growth to halt. Hence, it is crucial to prioritize maintaining fresh water. Our Polygon PVC Fabric Raising Catfish Farming Tanks are designed to align with the fish's growth habits, drain size, and tank dimensions, ensuring easy water changes within the system. Moreover, the foldable and easy-to-install material properties allow for effortless expansion of the fish tanks as the space required for fish growth increases. This eliminates the need for civil construction, saving valuable time.

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Product Specification

The below specification is our standard dimension, if you need to customize the tank, please suggest us.

ModelCapacityDimensionVertical Pipe
Horizontal Pipe
PVC Fabric Liner



Product Details

Product NamePolygon PVC Fabric Raising Catfish Farming Tanks
Main Part0,7mm – 1.5mm PVC coated tarpaulin fabric, double side zinc coating steel tube frame supportDrain FittingRepair Kit
ColorArmy Green, Blue, White, Black, Dark Green, etc. on optional
Capacity RangeNormal Range: 5,000L – 500,000L,
Application0,7mm – 1.5mm PVC coated tarpaulin fabric, Hot-dip double side zinc coating steel tube frame supportDrain FittingRepair Kit
AdvantagesDouble welding technology keeps it with good sealingHigh tensile and tear strength resistant to hot and cold temperaturesFolds up easily for transportable frame support, rust-proof
Working Temperature-30℃-70℃
AccessoriesStandard configuration: 2" fitting Customized position, 3/4’’ /1’’/2’’/3’’/4’’ inlet & outlet for choice
OEM servicePrint Logo, different material thickness, do as the drawing
MOQ1-5 units
Service LifeMore Than 8 years


  1. I Want To Raise 1000 Fish. How Much Fish Tank Do I Need To Buy?

    Please Kindly Know That We Are Only Good At Producing Fish Tanks, We Have No Way To Give Accurate Advice On Fish Farming Issues, Please Confirm With Professional Engineers Or Fish Suppliers. But As per Our Experience, Usually, 1m3 Waters Can Be Feeding About 30-60kgs of Fish.

  2. What Is The Warranty Of Your Tank?

    Usually, The Warranty Is 1 Year, During These Times Broken Without Human Damage We Will Solve It. For some Special Projects, We Can Provide More Warranty, Please Confirm With Our Sales.

  3. Does Your Material Is Safe For Fish Feeding?

    Absolutely Yes. Our PVC Liner Is Special For Aquaculture, It Has Passed SGS Test And Provide It Is Totally Safe For Fish Farming, Shrimp Farming Etc.

  4. What Is The Main Product Of Your Company?

    We Specialize In Soft Liquid Containment. Such As Pillow Water Storage Tanks, Aquaculture Tanks, Onion Tanks, Fuel Bladder Tanks, Spill Berms Etc. So Any Other Fish Farming Equipment Needs

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