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Our flexible liquid containment is useful in construction, providing a temporary or permanent solution for liquid storage, such as for fuel or water. It can also be used for temporary water storage on construction sites, dust suppression, and other building applications.

Industrial & Engineering

Collapsible Soft Road Compactor Water Bladder in China

The Flexible road compactor, also known as the flexible road roller, is an innovative solution that incorporates a collapsible water tank.
collapsible soft road compactor water bladder in china 4
Industrial & Engineering

Flexible Water Storage Tank for Film Production in Hongkong

In the field of film production, water is used to produce rain effects, fill swimming pools, and facilitate other special effects.
flexible water storage tank for film production in hongkong
Industrial & Engineering

Large-Capacity 500m3 Flexi Tank For Oily Water

Crafted from high-quality 1.3mm PVC material, these flexi tanks are suitable for storing a wide range of liquids, including oily water with up to 20% oil content, wastewater, and non-corrosive liquids.
large capacity 500m3 flexi tank for oily water (2)
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