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PVC Folding Frame Fish Holding Tanks



Our frame fish holding tanks mainly include plastic tube frame fish tanks, galvanized steel tube frame fish tanks, and spray tube frame fish tanks. All of these, the liner and drainage fitting is same, but each type of frame has its own characteristics and performance, and customers can choose according to their preferences.

Product Specification

1. Common Ground

- Liner

It is made of PVC-coated fabric that PVC coated cloth is coated on the surface of the cloth stick PVC raw material so that its surface is more smooth and its waterproof performance is 100%. It has good mechanical properties, tensile strength of about 60MPa, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ / m2; has excellent dielectric properties.

- Drainage Fitting

The standard material is hard PVC, and the position and size are customized.


2. Difference

- Plastic tube frame fish tanks

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The suggested capacity: 1000L - 20,000L 

Frame: Hard PVC tube 

Feature: Light weight, easy to transport which can be by air or by sea, anti-rust, suitable for some small projects, such as indoor fish farming, home fish farming, backyard fish farming etc.

- Galvanized steel tube frame fish tanks

aquaculture tank (2)

The suggested capacity: 10,000L - 1.000,000L

Frame: Hot-dip galvanized steel tube

Feature: Very strong, the weight is heavy and need to be by sea, very suitable for some big project, such as commercial fish farming, Industrial fish farming, etc. 

Product Advantage

1. Super custom service for every client.

2. Detachable frame + foldable liner, easy to transport, store and install.

3. No need for pre-construction work, long service life; the service life is more than 8 years.

4. Simple operation and easy management; only 1-2 people can be deployed quickly; customized drain size is easy to change the water.

5. Multi-purpose use.

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