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Above Ground Folding Fish Farming Ponds



Above Ground Folding Fish Farming Ponds can be built directly on the ground without destroying the land, saving civil construction costs and being easy to manage. It is foldable and easy to transport, can be set in any area whether in remote areas or not, and with a high degree of tear resistance and long service life. This provides the efficiency of commercial fish farming, increases production, reduces costs, and protects land resources.

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Introducing our revolutionary Above Ground Folding Fish Farming Ponds, the ultimate solution for portable fish farming. This innovative tank is crafted with a durable PVC woven fabric that is both drop-resistant and wear-resistant, ensuring the utmost reliability. Complementing the fabric is a robust anti-corrosion galvanized pipe, guaranteeing the longevity of the structure.

Here's what sets our fish farming ponds apart:

  1. Exceptional PVC Woven Fabric: Our ponds feature a thick PVC material consisting of two layers, reinforced with a mesh cloth. This combination provides superior wear resistance, pressure resistance, and light resistance. With the mesh cloth, the fabric exhibits remarkable bearing capacity and unparalleled toughness, surpassing traditional materials threefold.
  2. Double-Sided Galvanized Iron Pipe Bracket: The double-sided galvanized iron pipe bracket offers unparalleled moisture resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and rust prevention. Compared to ordinary white spray iron pipes, our brackets ensure enhanced stability, firmness, and extended service life.
  3. Innovative Double-Layer High-Frequency Welding Technology: Our patented double-layer high-frequency welding technology (patent number: ZL 2017 2 0207002.7) takes fish pond construction to new heights. Each joint undergoes a dual welding process, doubling the workload of traditional methods. This meticulous approach significantly prolongs the lifespan of the liner, ensuring lasting durability.
  4. Convenient Assembly and Portability: Our fish farming ponds can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled, providing unparalleled ease of transportation. This feature makes them ideal for remote areas, allowing for convenient deployment wherever needed.

Experience the future of fish farming with our Above Ground Folding Fish Farming Ponds, combining cutting-edge materials, advanced technology, and unmatched versatility.


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